Coming Soon: GrayHaven Webcomics!

I know fans of The Gathering and GrayHaven Comics can’t get enough of my sparkling personality and come back to read the latest words of wisdom but that just simply isn’t enough.

Beginning in April, GrayHaven Comic, through this website will start running three original, ongoing web comics on a weekly basis. The three new stories will run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 26 weeks and will feature the creative talents from Gathering writers and artists past and future.

Matthew Brown, Marc Deschamps and Chris Chamberline and a team to be announced will be responsible for these first strips. Having heard the pitches for them and seen some of the designs I am very excited and hope that their work will reach a whole new audience. This is a first for GrayHaven Comics, but if all goes well it certainly won’t be the end of original web content.

Matthew was kind enough to provide a little teaser for his strip.

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