Volume 2 is Coming Soon…Promise!

Okay, time for an apology and an explanation. Volume 2 was supposed to be out back in November of 2010, just a few short months after the release of the first issue. We had a few contributors back out at the last minute and rather than forge ahead without them I had replacement stories assigned. These folks turned around their pages in record time and one of these new additions was none other than Gail Simone so I considered that a definite silver lining. So we were prepping for late December shipping which would have gotten our second book of the year out…before the end of the year.

But having all the experience in the world and a successful first issue under my belt still didn’t account for all the little blips that could occur. Holiday scheduling with folks who help on the production side of the book led to the book being postponed from late December to the middle of January. It was disappointing to push the book back again, but from a marketing standpoint I could see not trying to promote a small press comic right after the biggest shopping season of the year.

A New Year and back on track, right? Well, almost. The transition from creative teams getting their work in and that work getting to production and ready for print had a couple errors as well. A story forgotten. An extra story that shouldn’t have been in the files snuck in. Some last minute scrambling got those issues fixed with relative easy but it still caused a few more days in delays.

There was also an issue of waiting a bit too long to plan and prep layouts. With a two page limit there’s only so much we can do to build suspense so the best option is to have every story start on the right hand side of the page and end on the left hand side. But we also had a few stories where the work was best served by being a double paged spread. Short of adding filler pages like an advertisement of some sort (which I did not want to do) or having someone quickly do a series of one page shorts (which would have delayed the book a lot longer) we had to get creative with the space and format we had. I think we succeeded in a way where every story got the format that it deserved. That took a few more days to correct but I’d rather lose the time than have the presentation of these stories suffer.

It’s now February and unfortunately the book wasn’t able to be on hand for a Comic Convention which was attended by one of the creators of Volume 2. There are a couple more Cons coming up at the end of February and beginning of March with ‘Gatherers’ attending and believe me, I’ve been stressing hoping that the turnaround time from print to shipping to me shipping the books out in time for the Cons will be wide enough. It looks like we’re in good shape. The latest news from the printer is that the book should be shipping next week which should get it in everyone’s hands by the end of February.

The only thing that’s worse than no one being interested in your work is having a lot of people interested in the work and not getting the next issue in a decent amount of time. From the great reviews and response to Volume One to a successful Kickstarter campaign to the buzz generated by Gail Simone lending her talents to the issue to sneak peeks of the stories in this issue we definitely had momentum going into it. Pre orders are decent so far and once the book is finally in hand we’ll be promoting it like crazy. With a grassroots internet campaign and several con appearances I still think the book is going to be a sell out and for that I am extremely grateful. Having seen the finished product, I think people are going to be blown away with what the creators involved with this issue have come up with and they deserve to be read by as many people as possible.

The fault for the delays lies with me and me along and to that end I would like to apologize for everyone who has been waiting to read the book for the past few months and thank you for your patience and most of all, for your continued interest. The delay on Volume 2 will NOT affect the schedule for the rest of the year. Our double sized third issue: Heroes will be out in April, followed by Horror in June, Romance in September and Myth in December. We also have an extra sized Horror issue planned for October. Pages for Heroes and Horror are already coming in and they look awesome.

And I’ll also be doing more frequent updates of this site, bringing you all the latest exciting news in the world of The Gathering and GrayHaven Comics. It was a bumpy beginning, but there are going to be a lot of great things coming up soon.

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