The Gathering Volume 2: The Other Side of Despair

We were planning to bring you the second edition of The Gathering this month but a few technical issues have snagged us. And while we think The Gathering is a great Christmas gift for people of All Ages, the fact of the matter is we’ll be better able to get this book out and promote it properly after the rush of the Holidays.

You can expect the second issue, featuring a fantastic line up of talent, in mid January.

On the bright side, this just means our faithful readers will have much more Gathering to enjoy in 2011. Here is a tentative publishing schedule for all things Gathering.

Volume 2: Despair- January

Volume 3: Heroes (64 page giant) – April

Volume 4: Horror- June

Volume 5: Romance- August

The Big Book of Horror- (48 page giant)- October

Volume 6: Myth- December

And then in 2012 the fun really begins….

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