“A wonderful anthology full of exciting new talents. BUY THIS BOOK!” – Gail Simone

Gail Simone, writer of the very acclaimed and popular titles Secret Six and Birds of Prey from DC Comics, as well as being the former writer on such titles as Deadpool, Wonder Woman and Action Comics recently gave a wonderful in depth review of The Gathering.

It was nice enough to get noticed. It was even better to get noticed by someone I’ve been a fan of and respected and not only did Gail take the time to read the book and comment, but she went very in depth with her comments. To receive that type of feedback on the project was very welcomed.

“Let me get some cautions out of the way…first, I’m a huge fan of black and white anthology books. I’m a huge fan of short stories. I love to see new writers and artists putting their best efforts forward before they become cynical capitalist monsters like Brian Bendis and myself.

So I was inclined to like it, I won’t deny it.

HOWEVER, the flipside is that unfortunately, I see a LOT of books where the skills simply aren’t there. They may be someday, but they aren’t right now. Even some of the nicest and most dedicated people simply don’t have the raw juice to write or draw. I can’t draw. Even if I wanted to with all my heart and soul, it would suck. And there are creators of every stripe in every discipline who are just as untalented in their chose field as I am as an artist, but still manage to put out a book somehow anyway.

So I was inclined to like it, but I was concerned that I wouldn’t.

I think it’s a fair balance. Suffice it to say, my expectations were met and exceeded, my fears were for naught.

For people not sure what I’m talking about, THE GATHERING is an anthology book of creators who are posters at Brian Bendis’ very busy message board at Jinxworld.Com (I expect to reprint some of this info, for those who are READING this at Jinxworld.com).

I don’t know the whole story, but apparently, the “Hey, kids, let’s do our own book!” impulse that I see over and over actually HAPPENED in this case, and the book actually came out and more issues are coming soon.

I also don’t know Brian’s response to this, but he should be very, very proud.

Is it worth three dollars?

Yes, absolutely. You don’t have to be a Jinxworlder, or a Bendis reader, to like this book. There’s no insider nonsense. Each story is told as an independent piece, with a single central theme, which this issue, is HOPE, the Thing With Feathers, from an Emily Dickinson quote.”

The review goes on a lot more in depth but I just wanted to post a short sampling for all to see. Again I also want to thank Gail for taking the time to do this.

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