The Gathering Volume 1 Has Arrived

It’s Here

What started as an enthusiastic dream six months ago has finally come to pass. A few days ago I got my boxes (and boxes) of Gathering Vol 1. The production value of this book is something to see. This isn’t some hastily put together photocopied, off center stapled vanity projects. The book looks and feels like something that would fit right along side any other comic produced that’s available in your local comic specialty shop. A lot of people behind the scenes worked their butts off to make this book look professional without even asking for credit because they believed in the content within the pages.

As for what’s inside, I couldn’t be happier. A couple dozens (no longer) amateur creators came together and made this book a reality by nailing every deadline and putting their all into this first anthology and they made something wonderful. Super hero stories. Stories about romance. Horror. All different except for the common theme of ‘Hope’ which turned out to be appropriate for our first effort here since the entire journey from concept to print has been about our own hopes and dreams.

Volume One is here. It’s available. You can get a copy and support these wonderful creators by clicking on the Paypal button on the right. We hope you give it a shot because I think you’re going to enjoy it.

As for me, I’m off to start getting Volume Two ready for print.

Thank you

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