Kickstarting Future Issues of The Gathering

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. The first issue is at the printers, and we’ve been getting some attention from comic and pop culture sites across the board from Comic Book Galaxy to

We also recently put our project on the Kickstarter website. Kickstarter is dedicated to helping creators fund their projects through the help of pledges. In exchange, those who donate get a variety of rewards based on the amount pledged. In our case you get anything from signed copies of the book to a phone call from some creators to being written in as a character in a future volume.

Our goal is to raise 2500 dollars by the end of July. It’s a lot of money but not an impossible goal. And yeah it does seem strange to be asking complete strangers to donate money in a tough economy, but I do believe in this project and the creators involved with it.

I want to be able to create something where new talent can come and tell a story if they want to without having to figure out how to self publish on their own or trying to pitch to a major company. I think we’ve done that with this first anthology and I’m certainly excited about the potential for the future, which is why the Kickstarter campaign is so important.

So if you have a few extra dollars to spare and want to help support an up and coming comic line intent on giving new creators a place to shine, please head on over and make a pledge.

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