Inside the Creator’s Mind: Glenn Matchett

When I first joined the Gathering project (before it had a name) I was worried. What if I wrote a terrible story? What if I couldn’t even come up with that? As I saw many talented writers and artists sign up I decided to stay optimistic, but deep down I was rather terrified.

When the theme ‘Hope’ was announced I came up with several ideas (including the one I eventually went with) and thought that I would pick the one best suited to who I got as an artist. I am insanely lucky to be working with any of these talented fellows but I really enjoyed working with Brent Peeples. I knew by looking at his art that I could ask this guy to draw me the phone-book and he would make it look stunning. I decided to go with the story that would have the best visuals for him to draw.

The story I came up with is basically an introduction to a novel I’ve had bouncing around in my mind for a few months. Every other idea seemed too complex for the two pages I was given and the last thing I wanted to do was rush the story or make the artist cram too much info in. I felt this story had a very organic beginning, middle and end and hopefully left the reader wanting to read more of the story itself, because I feel there is more to this world than we’re seeing.

When I first wrote the script I asked for two 9 panel pages and Brent was fine with that but requested I cut it down to showcase the powerful images better. He was right, of course, and as a result I trimmed it down to 6 panels for page one and seven for page two. Every image I had came up with was kept and needless filler panels were dropped and I feel the story is stronger for it.

When me and Brent spoke he even came up with the sequence I had in mind for my ending so I knew we were on the same wavelength, which was fantastic. I wrote the story, reorganized it and sent it off a little over two weeks after the project was put together. I like getting things done quickly and I wanted to give Brent plenty of time to draw to the best quality he could manage.

I was blown away by the first panels and when I saw more and more of the story I couldn’t believe it was going to have my name on it. This was a remarkable experience and it is so rewarding to have my name on something that looks this amazing. I have to give major credit to Brent for his brilliant visuals, Johnny for lettering my wordy dialogue and Andrew of course for putting this all together and giving all us guys a place to tell our stories.

I can’t wait for what comes next.

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