Inside the Creator’s Mind: Ignacio Segura

So other than the fact that it is truly quite an honor to be working on this anthology, amongst not only very talented people, but very close and dear friends as well, and that it is nerve-raking to be the first story you’ll ever get to see from it, what more can I say?

Well, I could say what a delight it’s been to work with my friend Johnny Coker on this thing and how much he has spoiled me for any other artists I ever get to work with. It’s not just that his work was good. He made my work good. He’s very involved, thoughtful and a true collaborator all the way, not to mention a trooper when he needed to be. Johnny was without a doubt (and I’m sure he won’t appreciate the analogy, but he’ll still find the humor and the truth in it) the Byrne to my Claremont.

And what a piece of Claremont I was, let me tell you.

I enjoyed working on those two pages immensely. It made me realize I have a long road ahead of me and that there are tons of things I need to improve if I ever want to even make a beep within this industry’s radar. Yet the sheer awesomeness of having your words, your story transformed into images, into motion, into scenes and then placed in front of you so that you can say to yourself “I was a part of this? Really?” cannot be described. There are no words for it. Absolute joy. If this is the last thing I ever get to write (and I certainly don’t want that), it’s certainly a very high note to end with.

I could also tell you that what started with some small talk and a simple afternoon chat between a grandfather and his grandson became a roller-coaster ride in which I tried to jam with every single archetype and era in comics and just cram as much of it in there. From the Pulps, to the Golden Age, to the Silver Age, if you think those pages are packed with superheroes you should see all the stuff that was left in the editing room floor. I was a complete and unabashed fan boy, and I won’t apologize for it.

Except to Johnny.

Sorry dude.

This is my love letter to comics. To the kind of comics that made me fall in love with them when I was very little, and that I still love to this day. The kind of love letter you write when you have your first crush and everything is still so new, and fresh and passionate and you feel with every fiber of your being and then you find it a couple of years later and you’re so very ashamed of yourself and you ask yourself ”What the hell was I thinking?”. But still you did, and you wouldn’t change a thing.

That is what those pages mean to me, and I guess that’s what I really wanted to tell you. And how excited, and frightened and humbled I am that you are reading them. I mean, that is what creators do: They create something, and then share it with others.

I am a creator now.

How cool is that?

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