What’s This All About?

Three months ago I posed the question to a group of friends on the Jinxworld boards: how would you like to make a comic together? I’ve seen group projects get banded around many times before only to fall apart in the end so this time I wanted to take full control. It would involve gathering a group of talented writers and artists who I knew would stick to their deadlines and take it seriously as well as having a few back up plans in place.

I decided that the initial format would be for each creative team to come up with a two page story focusing on the theme of ‘Hope’. The teams were free to tell whatever type of story they chose as long as it fit within that theme and they ran wild with the concept. Every type of story from super heroes and horror to slice of life and romance were imagined and completed, each with their own unique spin on the subject.

It didn’t go off completely without a hitch. Some participants had to back out due to unforseen circumstances but we were able to get them replaced in enough time to save the stories. A few professional guest stars were lined up to help out but real life obligations got in the way so they had to be shuffled off for future volumes.

In the end, it all worked out. Sixteen wonderfully diverse stories told by twenty five gifted creators all were received in time with a few back up stories being saved for the next volume which we’re already in the process of putting together with yet another great group of talent.

This blog is the last major step before the pages go off to print. It’s a little corner of the web where we can show off some of the finished art work and give you some idea of the contents you’ll find inside this 32 page anthology. It’ll also be the place where some of the creators can come on and talk about their experiences in making the journey from concept to reality.

Gathering: The Thing With Feathers (An Anthology of Hope) will be available in print this May. If you can’t find it in stores or at any of the cons that our creators will be attending you will be able to order it through this site.

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